Dating a traveling man Safe and online chat and adult

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Dating a traveling man

I had reservations too – what if it all went horribly wrong?

But just a few months earlier, I had given up any hope of having a ‘normal’, ‘healthy’ life, so now I wanted to go out and grab life.

Sitting in the back seat of the stranger’s grey Subaru, speeding through the formerly war-torn Croatian countryside, I listened gratefully to Jeff – my travelling companion, for want of a more defined term – sat in the front, making small talk with the man in green fatigues who had picked us up at the roadside.

He was telling Jeff that he worked in wines, but when he drove down the dirt track surrounded by barbed wire, it became clear something had been lost in translation. I was tired and dishevelled, but I never felt in danger with Jeff by my side – even when hitchhiking.

There was no plan with regards to our relationship either.

She would rather climb a rock or jump out of an airplane than hear you brag about it. She doesn’t want to keep working her ass off for someone else’s dream. Don’t waste her time complaining about your boring job. She might have wasted her college degree and switched careers entirely. Don’t date a girl who travels for she has chosen a life of uncertainty. She knows respect, but isn’t afraid to hold a debate about global issues or social responsibility. She knows how to pitch a tent and screw her own fins without your help.

Then, at some point it went from being his trip to being our trip; we’d only met a handful of times when we booked the tickets.

It was a kind of social experiment for us – we both wanted to push ourselves to enjoy travel without the usual tourist trappings.

As I later found out, however, in person you’d struggle to place his age.

After a couple of weeks of messaging, he drove the five hours from Brownsville to meet me in person for the first time.

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