Immigrant dating texting someone from online dating

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Living in a vulnerable situation, with the knowledge that on any given day my husband could be deported, was brutally stressful.All over the US, there are families in similar circumstances.

So when we married, we became a "mixed status" family.

Another ruling could keep the legislation suspended while legal battles continue, leaving families in limbo.

I empathize with the unnerving worry felt by mixed-status families, and I often find myself watching the news, listening and waiting in solidarity with them.

Many of the immigrant families in our midst find support and encouragement in their faith, especially in the midst of crisis.

And no matter whether we understand every family’s situation, or whether we agree with how reform should be legislated, we are first and foremost a family.

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In 2012, it was estimated that “16.6 million people currently live in mixed-status families—with at least one unauthorized immigrant.” Many are children with US citizenship living with undocumented parents. Long before I fully understood what that word meant, I’d learned to dread it.