Intimidating your children kaohsiung dating

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Intimidating your children

If your child doesn’t want to go to school, resists getting dressed, has behavior problems in school and at home, and is threatening you and being verbally abusive, know that his whole level of functioning is off: being abusive to his siblings or to you is only one piece of it.

Children Who Threaten, Intimidate and Verbally Abuse Family Members There is no excuse for abuse, physical or otherwise. You are responsible and accountable for your abusive behavior.

Parents who are afraid of their kids getting locked up for this kind of behavior do not understand the juvenile justice system whatsoever. If he’s so out of control that the authorities hold him responsible by locking him up, do not fear that a bit.

The juvenile justice system and the child welfare system are overwhelmed and under-funded.

So the they’re faced with a similar situation, they need to ask themselves what they can do to solve the problem differently, besides hurting someone’s feelings, being abusive or threatening.

For instance, the next time your verbally abusive daughter calls her younger brother names and threatens him in order to get him off the computer, you should not only correct her, but later, have a conversation with her when things calm down.

It’s not what the police do—it’s what your child will understand. If you’re frightened, make sure you don’t have weapons in the house. If you have an abusive child in the house, movies, video games and music that glorify or glamorize violence should be banned.

The message to your child is, “If you’re abusive, there’s no excuse. There’s a difference between that level of rivalry, and a situation where one sibling is picking on, demoralizing and targeting a younger sibling as an object of abuse.

Once he realizes that, the next thing he’ll start to do is give in to his older sibling.

You’ll hear the oldest sibling say abusive, foul things and then you’ll hear the younger kid say, “I’m sorry.” These are very powerful, damaging things to be happening in the family and should not be taken lightly.

These are two very different situations and neither one should be taken lightly.

But certainly, when you see a situation where there’s clearly a perpetrator and clearly a victim, it has to be dealt with in the strictest, sternest ways.

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And you can say, “You no longer have the right to listen to that kind of music because you weren’t able to manage it.” You should also call your state’s Department of Child Services and say, “My son is threatening me,” or “My son hit me.” Don’t be afraid they’re going to take your child.