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The actual title of the image is unknown, painted in 1836 by Auguste Mayer, it is suggested that the information about the painting was lost during WWII and it was given incorrect background and title when recovered.The picture is one of six that Mayer painted in 1836 about the struggle and fights of ship of the line Bucentaure during the Battle of Trafalgar (cf. The ship in the foreground on right (firing to the Bucentaure) is the British 2nd-rate Sandwich, not present at Trafalgar, actually being hulked for harbour duty at the time.

He has deployed cutting edge technology for all vertical markets including: Airports, Hospitals, Hospitality, University, Municipal, Mixed-Use, Residential, and Commercial properties.He is known for being an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Mayfield, a top Venture Capital firm, which he left to become Founder and CEO of Powerset, which built a natural-language based search engine that read each sentence in Wikipedia and answered user queries in plain English.Microsoft acquired Powerset in 2008 to help create its new search engine, Bing. Pell then served Microsoft as Search Strategist, Evangelist, and Chief Architect for Local Search at Bing, until leaving Microsoft in September 2011 to return to the start-up world full-time. Pell also has active investor, board member, and advisory roles with multiple start-up companies and non-profits across a variety of industries.He is Co-Founder, Vice Chairman and Chief Technology Officer of Moon Express, a private company building autonomous robotic lunar landers to enable exploration and commercial development of the solar system.This builds on his earlier career managing advanced software technologies at NASA. Pell’s career at NASA include mission critical software to support planning and collaboration for the Mars Exploration Rovers mission; Clarissa, the first spoken dialog system in space; and the development of the Remote Agent, the first AI system to fly onboard and control a deep space probe.

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His key accomplishments include new division set up, large-scale system conversions, increasing profits, and business process reengineering. Matthew Lazowski is Executive Vice President of Loco Mobi.