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Secret de kostenlos Hamburg

The second, bigger, event would be 6 months after the end of the workshop.

For this second event we want to primarily invite the general public, press, creatives of the field in which the material has been made, and to a lesser extent SWers and allies.

We want to make the public wonder what parallels can be drawn to their own lives and we want them to see the value of the art presented and the value of the people which have made it. I am curious about the outcome of the project and can't wait placing it in different cities.

If there is interest in your country or city around it just let me know, maybe we find a solution.

Most of them are created by the press and persons without sexwork experiences who do make money out of the point you can make easy money around the topics of sex and crime. If sexworkers wants to stand up and create whatever stories it looks different in many ways often. It needs time, skills and much more possibilitys also as empowerement to communicate them.

I decided to find them and ask those who are the majority of sexworkers, so as migrant and trans* sexworker who work on the street, in brothels, windows and bars how their stories will look like. So I created, together with Catalina Diaz of Amsterdam, a new project called sex work stories.

We want to break down the borders within the “whorarchy”; we want to show that there are no "good whores” and “bad whores”.

For this smaller event we want to primarily invite peers from the sex worker communities and allies.

We want the public to feel challenged, to feel curious and surprised.

We even want them to feel a little bit uncomfortable, as we want to push against the sex worker stigma and shame which is so normalized in society.

The exhibitions about sex work stories can get presented everywhere so hopefully there will be discussions around it.

Let's fight sexwork stigma and present the stories we want to talk about!

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Sexarbeit ist in Deutschland legal, unterliegt allerdings vielen Sondergesetzen, die kriminalisierend wirken.

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