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gone bad kudula HHL v knock one with head kudza HL v bring-up a child; cause to grow kudza LH conj.until kuelela HHHL v jeer at someone; make fun of by loud abusive shouts kukama HHL n 9 gemsbok or oryx gazelles n kuku LL n 3 stream kuku LH n 1a grandmother kukubugwani HHHLL n 7a/2a beetle kukula HHL v scrape a surface, as a pot with a scraper i kukulo HHL n 7 scraper, used on pots kukumuka LLLL v rise in bulk or increase; raise as of dough kukuna HHL v eat meat off a bone kula HH v grow in height or age; has grown tired of something Kula HL n 5 Indian kula LL v weed, using a hoe or a spade bu kule LL n 14 far; distance kulekule LLLL adv.still, as of water; Holy ba engi LL n 2 nurses ng’w eni LH n 1 owner; master b eni LH n 2 owners m eno LH n 6 teeth erebhu LHL n 10 pods that grow on a tree, favourite food for goats m esho LH n 6 eyes ezedza LLL v put to sleep, as a child ezela LLL v sleep; go to bed ng’w ezi LH n 1 visitor or guest b ezi LH n 2 visitors; guests bu fa H n 14 inheritance fa H v die zwi fafa HL n 8 epilepsy; epileptic fits chi fani LH n 7 surname fanila HHL v. ought; must; need to; look very nice on someone, as of some garment fanilo HHL n 9 obligation; duty; right; a requirement i fano HL n 7 physical likeness; resemblances, particularly of individuals fantisi LHL n 9 garage sale; sell by auction feidza HHL v cause to fail feila HHL v fail fele LL n 5 cockroach fema LL v breathe femeleka LLLL v breath heavily because of over-exertion fep Ha HH v blow the nose fesitere HHLL n 5 window n fi H n 1 dead person fidza HL v finish fiko HL n 5 small tree branch put in a bucket full of water so it does not spill while carrying it fila HL v get to the end; die at fivara HLH n 9 a fever fojo HL n 9 tobacco foro HL n 9 furrow in a ploughed field foroko HHH n 9 fork foromu LLL n 9 mould, used for moulding bricks fosholo HHL n 9 spade founi HHL n 9 telephone nji fu H n 10 deaths lu fu H n 11 death i fuba HH n 7 chest; breast as of chicken; a cough; sputum; phlegm fuba HH v become dwarfed as a person, animal or plant fuka HL v wear, as a blanket fukula LLL n 9/10 bitch fula LL v graze, as of animals fula HH v blow something off by breath, as of dust or small particles of something fulawa LHL n 9 bread flour fulele HHH n 9 mist; fog fulemachini LHHHL n 9 flying machines; aeroplanes fuleni HHL n 9 flannel fulo HH n 5 foam; froth; scum on water fuluka HHL v remove one’s abode; depart; migrate; move house fuma HH v be rich fumbatila HHHL v make a fist; clasp, as of a fist n fumi HH n 1 a rich person fumika HHL v cover up something fumula HHL v uncover, as of a lid funda HH v sip or eat something and keep in mouth fung’wa HL n 9 riches funya HH v sit crosslegged funye HL n 7 go-away birds fupa HH n 5 bone; jealousy fupatila HHHL v turn one’s back upon fupi HH adj. very short furisilaxa HHLLL n 9 thin rope at the end of a whip used when cracking the whip ma futa HH n 6 oil; body creams of all types futa HH n 5 piece of fat gaberi LLH n 7a turtle gabha LH n 5 bucket; tin gabi LH n 5 lash; euphemism for a snake at night gabuka LLL v has had a large opening gabula LLL v make a large opening; rip open ma gada LH n 6 sediments or dregs of traditional beer gagadzahamba LLLHL n 5 crab ma gai LH n 6 eggs or nits of fleas or lice gaisa LHL v grind, as of corn n gaiso LHL n 3 grinding mills; mills; ground corn gakhwa HL n 5 pool of water (not manmade) gala LL v sit down; dwell; live gala-bge LLL v trust; believe in gala-bheya LLHL v sit indecently exposing some private part of the body gala-moyo LLLL v be satisfied n gali LL n 1 dweller; inhabitant of gali-dema LHLH n 5 gathering by family and relatives after a bereavement when food is prepared the dead person’s belongings are distributed among the children galidza LLL v sit on someone’s place or seat galila LLL v to wait for; stay or live for zwi galila-migoti LLLLHL n 8 the first small breasts that a young girls grows gama LL v catch in the hand, as of a ball gamu HL n 5 relative ganda HL n 5 skin, as of a human being or an animal; peel, as of a fruit gandana LHH n 5 strip of a tattered garment; a tattered garment gando LL n 5 lean animal; an emanciated animal; meat from a very lean animal gangari LHL n 5 sweet wild bulb gangwa LL n 5 peel of a watermelon ganyu LH n 5 membrane garaji LHL n 9 garage gaswa LH n 5 half; remainder gat’e LH n 5 bitter wild melon gavu LH n 5 species of gourd eaten when tender bu gebeng’a LHL n 14 gangstership geidi LHL n 9 gate gele LL v be seated gesi HL n 9 gas geyara LHH n 9 gear n gibelo LHL n 3 Saturday nji go L n 10 serving spoons; ladles lu go L n 11 ladle go L n 5 wasp ma go L n 6 wasps; hornets n gobhani LHL n 3 intestinal disorder n godi LH n 3 mine chi gogoro LLL n 7 hardened caterpillar in the ground before it hatches to be a butterfly gola HL n 5 vulture; a black vulture gole LH n 5 year; cloud golelino LHHH n 5 this year gololwani LLLL n 5 white-billed storks gomba LH n 5 hole; opening dug on the ground gombo HL n 5 new field which is being ploughed the first time gombo HH n 5 enlarged navel gondalume LLLL n 5 tall and stout male person gonde LL n 5 cactus gondolo LLH n 5 big calf, fit to weaned; a grown up child gonya HL v sleep with ones legs folded back gonyana LLH n 5 worm; maggot gonye LL n 5 big worm ma gonye LL n 6 game of touching by kids gonye-danga LLLH n 5 worm of the type found in the kraal gopo LH n 5 blind eye of either a person or an animal; a blind thing or person (derogative) n goro HL n 3 trough which cattle to drink from or be fed from; a boat or a canoe chi goro HL n 7 cow or goat which does not have adequate milk to feed its calf gorokoro LLLL n 5 windpipe gorokorwana LLLLL n 5 creek gorua LLL n 5 thin emancipated animal lu goti HL n 11 big wooden spoon, used when brewing beer gotsha LL n 5 shoot from the previous year’s corn stalk or root of a reed govu HL n 5 greedy person bu govu HL n 14 greed gubungano LHHL n 5 assembly or gathering n gudugudu LLLL n 3 rectum gukhwa LH 5 5 a bag made from ox hide used for carrying sour milk gukuno LHL n 5 salt licks; places in the veld when game and livestock come to lick gukurume LHHL n 5 cock gukuta LHL n 5 unbrayed and shrivelled skin gula LL n 5 part of the field that is left in fallow for a particular season gulu LH n 5 stomach gululu LLL n 5 big lizard that lives on big boulders or large stones guma LH n 5 wall gumbatila LHHL v hold hard onto something; struggle with each other gumbo LL n 5 leg; wheel; foot gumi HL n 5 ten gumu LH n 5 ox or cow without horns gumula LLL v hit another with the head gunda LL n 5 owl gungubudza LLLL n 5 arge scorpion which is very poisonous gungwana LLH n 5 wheel guni HH n 5 log guse HL n 5 big lump of fur guta HL v be full; be satisfied with food gutegute LHLL n 5 species of grasshopper or locust that is not edible gutukutu LLLL n 5 verandah guwo HH n 5 scream guwu HH n 5 cave gwa L v fight; quarrel bu gwa H n 14 pus gwadza HL v to hurt someone emotionally; to hurt physically. which (cl.9) iribadza LLLL v cause to faint; apply anasthesia iribala LLLL v faint isa LL v take to; take something to someone zwi isana HHH n 8 small boys ba isana HHH n 2 boys chi isana HHH n 7 small boy iswi LH pron. already kama HH v milk, as of cows; comb one’s hair i kamba HH n 7 back of the body kambaila HHHL v crawl, as of a baby; creep kamela LHL n 9 camel n kami HL n 1 someone who does the milking kampa HH n 9 camp ma kamu HL n 6 relatives kamu HL n 9 comb kang’waza HHH adv.gwadza-moyo HLLL v grieve; be hurt; sorrow gwakwa LL n 5 spineless monkey orange fruit gwakwa HL n 5 dry veld bu gwala LH n 14 timidity; cowardice gwala HL v sick; ill gwala LH n 5 coward gwamu LH n 5 human milk nji gwana LH n 10 spoons; cutlery lu gwana LH n 11 spoon gwani LL n 5 leaf of corn, off the stalk gwata LL v hide oneself gwati LH n 5 outer bark of a tree bu gwele HL n 14/6 illness; disease n gwele HL n 1/2 patient; sick person gwenya LH n 5 scabies gwere-gwere LHLH n 5 type of wild bird gwili LH n 5 potato gwilikwiti LLLL n 5 measles gwililila LHHL v repeat; go over again; revise gwisa LH n 14 powder; flour gwisa LL v struggle; try gwisanya LLL v cause to quarrel or fight; stir up strife n gwisanyi LLL n 1 mischief-maker; stirrer of a strife ha L conj. female, as of an animal hakata LHL n 10 divining bones lu hala LH n 10 shotgun; ball bearings hali HH n 9 pot halula LHL v escape; survive n hama LL n 3 half of the body hama HH n 9 relative hamba HH n 9/10 tortoise hamilo LHL n 9 small milking bucket hamujana LHLH n 9 small hammer hamuli LHL n 9 hammer hang’ara LHH n 9 hanger hanga HH n 9/10 guinea fowl hangang’wa LHH n 10 forgetfulness hanya LL n 10 shame hanyaa-paladza LLLLLL n 9 rhinoceros hanyanisi LHHL n 9 onion hapkha LH n 9/10 armpit haraka LHH n 9 rake, used in the garden hate HH n 9/10 headpad hazwadzi HLL n 9/10 brother; sister; sibling hlama LL n 9 fermented beer before it is boiled hobana LLH n 10 streams hobe HL n 9/10 fish chi hoke HL n 7 hook, as of a stick hoko HL n 9 an enclosure for fowls hola LL n 9 grown-up; elder holo HL n 9 hall hombana LHH n 10 finger or toe nails hombela LLL n 9/10 antbears homo HH n 9/10 bags; sacks hong’wana LHH n 9 small bag or sack; a pouch honyana LLH n 10 worms hope HH n 10 eye lashes; sleep hotela LHL n 9 hotel hubadzi LHL n 10 injuries hudzululu LHLL n 9 blackbird huku HH n 9/10 fowl; chicken hukwana LHH n 9 chick; chicken huleha LHL v inspan; tie up an animal hulo LL n 9/10 tonsils huluba LHL n 9 dust; powder hulula LHL v unbound, as of oxen that were inspan; outspan; unbound or set free hulunula LLLL v unload; take out of something e.g. on purpose; intentionally kanga HL v roast; fry kangang’wa HHL v forget kangula HHL v wear something new for the first time kanya LL v roll up, as the legs of a pair of trousers or of shirt sleeves kanyi HL n 17 home kapa HH v unsettle, as sediments in water, ie.Here are some things about Germany and its inhabitants I have noticed during my time spent here, living in Münster, North Rhine-Westphalia, Weiden in der Oberpfalz, Bavaria and Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein.This list (at the time numbering 78 points) ran over at Überlin in 2012 and for a reason no one will ever understand, went viral. The enormous response to the list has thus far included over 100,000 likes on Facebook (IMAGINE!how chinya HL v spoil; destroy chinya-buso HHHH v show displeasure facially chinya-ntumbu HHHL v abort illegally, as when pregnant chinya-zina HHLL v defamation of character i chinyi HL n 7 mischievous person; a spendthrift; someone who wastes chinyidzila HHHL v spoil for someone; destroy something belonging to someone chinyika HHL v become spoiled; be destroyed chinyikigwa HHHL v have a miscarriage c Hinyikilo LHHL n 10 costs; expenses; damages; losses sustained chinyolocho LHHL adv.soon; quickly; rapidly chipa LL v cheap chisa HL v frighten; cause to be afraid chiwa HL v be feared cholopo HHH n 9 fly, as of trousers chona HH v be penniless; be without money chova LL v to pedal, as a bike chubhu HL n 9 tube chuludza HHL v cause to jump; cause to cross; skip, as with a monthly event chuluka HHL v jump up or over chuluka-chuluka HHHLLL v hop about chulukila HHHL v jump onto i chuu HL n 7 stew; well cooked food da H v love; like dabga LH n 5 type of bird dabi LH n 5 branch, as of a tree dabila LHL v to answer or to reply dada LL n 5 duck; mock someone daisi LHL n 5 dice lu daka LL n 11 wet cow dung in the kraal daka LL v intoxicate; make drunk chi dakwa LH n 7 drunkard dala HL n 5 receptable for unthreshed corn made of poles dama HL n 5 word; cheek damba LH n 5 large sour monkey plum dana HL v call; draw attention to; love each other; like each other danda HL n 5 log; block of wood lu dandi LH n 11 spider web danga LH n 5 kraal; sheep fold; pen dani LL n 5 slippery liquid, as from okra dat Ha LH n 5 large anthill debge LL n 5 kaross; leather blanket deelela HLHL v not to respect someone; look down upon deenya HLH n 5 skull delele LLL n 5 okra deluka LLL v descend from a height; come down bu delukilo LLLL n 14 platform; station delusa LLL v cause to come down or descend; let down demegwa LHH n 5 part of a field where the trees are still being cleared dendeli LLL n 5 type of temporary door made from sticks from trees denga HL n 5 overhead covering dengezela LHHL v to carry something on the head without holding it denje LL n 5 small bush deri HL n 9 dairy dhubika LLL v dip in water; immerse in a liquid dhubula LLL v take something out of liquid, which was soaked or immersed dhukudza LLL v shake some clothing or garment with the intention to remove dust dhuma LL v agree dhumano LLL n 9 mutual agreement; agreement n dhumbi LH n 3 drizzle; rain gently; rain in gentle showers n dhumila LHL n 3 type of tree dhumila LLL v to believe, as in God dhumilana LLLL v agree with each other dhumilani LHHL n 9 conventional way of greeting dhumilano LLLL n 9 agreement n dhumili LLL n 1 believer; a christian dhumiligwa LLLL v be admitted, as in a school dhumilila LLLL v allow; permit dibhi HL n 9 dip, type of pesticide didima LLL v rumble, as of lightning or as of an earthquake diika LHL v be educated diila LHL v educate for/at n diiwa LHH n 1 pupil; student dila LL v pour dilidzila LLLL v to water, as of plants or a garden dindi LL n 5 thick beef steak without bones dindingwe LLL n 5 leopard diraya LHH v wind up, as a bucket from a well dishwa LH n 5 standing grass ditima LLL n 5 pumpkin n diwa HL n 1 loved one; beloved one diya HH v teach; preach n diyi HH n 1 teacher; priest lu do H n 11 love dobi LH n 5 relish made from shredded meat and ground peanuts dodola LLL v to walk on your toes dohona HHL v pound meat or peanuts in a mortar; pound into a paste dole LL n 5 meat from an emancipated animal; lean meat dolo LH n 5 corn or sorghum measured in terms of threshing loads dombo LH n 5 mountain; hill dongo LL n 5 ruin; deserted house or home donkana LHL n 7 foal of a donkey; grey/black low quality blanket donki LH n 7/6 donkey dope LL n 5 muddy water; mud dororo LLL n 5 fowl excrete or rubbish dot Ha LL v drip, as liquid; a slight drizzle of rain dot Hedza LLL v pour a small drop onto dot Hi LH n 5 drop of some liquid; a drop of rain dotomosi LHHL n 5 type of reptile found on the rocks lu dozo HL n 11 walking stick used by the old people dozo LL n 6 leg of a chicken dubula LHL v remove dirt from one’s body by either rubbing by hand or using a soft stone when taking a bath dukuta LLL n 5 perspiration; sweat dula HL n 5 granary dumba HL n 5 drum dumba LL n 5 shack dumbu LH adv.

crooked, not straight n kombe HL n 3 dry gourd used for drawing water kombela HHL v help in a fight by also beating the person being fought i kombo HH n 7 navel; belly button lu kombo LL n 11 threshing stick; a big stick komet Hela HHHL v nail to; knock in, as of a nail or a peg n komoto HHL n 3 traditional dancing to a rhythm of drums kona LL v refuse konesa LLL v cause to be difficult kong’wa LL v fail; not succeed i kongo LL n 7 clitoris n kono HL n 3 bull mi kono HL n 3 January; bulls i konsi HL n 7 scone i kontiri LHL n 7 tar i konyana LLH n 7 insect koobedza HLHL v to kill an animal that is already wounded or suffering; kill a person already helpless i kopelo LLL n 7 safety pin kopelo HHL n 9 hymn book kopi HL n 9 cup kopodza HHL v to get something in the eye; dazzle korokorwana LLLLL n 9 padlock koroni LHL n 9 crown kose HL pron.

) mentions on the Facebook pages of Stern, and Financial Times Deutschland, a write up in the Swiss paper, Tages-Anzeiger, and listings on all manner of forums and other sites.

This Kalanga dictionary was compiled by Joyce Mathangwane in 1994 and is made available through the CBOLD project, where a TXT file of this material can be downloaded.

far away; far off kulidzila HHHL v pull up trousers or underwear when hanging low when worn kuligwa HHL v be in an advanced stage of pregnancy bu kulu HL n 14 greatness; age; position of importance i kulu LH n 7 impetigo; ringworm n kulu HL n 1 an elder; an older sibling kulukugwi HHHL adj.

old, as of a garment or utensil bu kulukulu HHLL n 14 largeness; huge kulukulu LHLL adj.

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